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To celebrate the launch of our new digital product range, I am gifting you our 2024 Digital Planner

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Watch out for our new range of digital products coming soon for 2024

I have been designing & creating digital products for family & friends for over 4 years & now I am ready to share my creations with you.

They have been tried, tested & put through the scrutiny mill to bring you the most popular, practical & productive layouts & aesthetically pleasing designs.  

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"Unlock May Madness: Dive Deep into Nourish & Know-How! 🌟 Spoiler Alert: No Shallow Promotions Here!"

Here’s a snippet of May Madness where I shine the spotlight on an on-line business trend that has been brewing for a while & it is alive & powerful as we speak.  We’re talking about the hard-hitting, pushy individuals who dont know what “nurturing & integrity” mean.    

Welcome to the revolution to stamp out those “back pocket snatchers”.  👻

This month I share my thoughts & findings on Shallow On-Line Promotions; the Human Experience in The Ancient Art of Storytelling, one of the easiest & tastiest spud recipes around & of course, our Freebie Friday specials. 💥

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Don’t forget, you can become one of my design team execs for our Bakery, Bookstore & Conservatory (a.k.a. “Nourish & Know-How” – the virtual alias).  You can read more about the BBC & Nourish & Know-How in my Newsletter. I want to know:
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  • What do you want to know about most (the content)?
  • What do you think the colour scheme should be?
  • Do you want to become a partner producer (have you got skills you want others to know about)?
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