An alignment of skills, values & true purpose. 

A virtual haven that embodies community, knowledge & serenity, contributing to the lives of others.  

It’s a culmination of my experiences, my expertise, family, journeys, passions, values, life mission and a dedication to creating a community of like-minded individuals. 

Finding My True Purpose

Hello! I’m Colleen Wall, and I appreciate you stepping into my newly renovated digital space.

Whether you’re already familiar with my work or just getting to know me, your trust is a priority. I’m excited to offer a glimpse into who I am and how I arrived at this point.

Some of you may know me if we have worked together in the past or perhaps it’s  through my platform, The Admin Angel, a valuable resource managing all my Executive Virtual Admin assignments. While you may speculate that The Admin Angel is retiring, rest assured, she’s not ready for that. Instead, we’re rehousing her & integrating her into our latest project.

If you’re in need of admin, marketing, or operational support, in-house or virtually, explore our services page linked here. Feel free to reach out directly at +61 413 448 743, and I’d be delighted to discuss your specific needs.

As we bid farewell to 2023, join me in a short nostalgic walk down memory lane, appreciating the steps that brought us here. My entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by a blend of corporate wisdom and tour life adventures, has led to this moment—an alignment of my skills, values, and true purpose.

Let’s jump in around the year 2000. Amid the Y2K buzz, my husband & I embarked on a new chapter, taking our family “on the road.” No, not the traditional caravan around Australia—instead, my husband’s return to the Professional Golf Industry fueled our dream.

Leaving my corporate life behind, I embraced international jet-set travel, hotel rooms, and countless trips up and down the East Coast of Australia. Meeting incredible people worldwide, exploring unexpected places, and finding joy in the journey—it’s been an unbelievable adventure, one I’m grateful to share with my husband, Neil.

Before my tour life, my corporate journey included executive roles in hospitality, travel, tourism, real estate, and property development. Fortunate to have international postings, I returned to Australia in 1994, where I met my husband.

I’ve long entertained a dream of creating a haven—a Bakery, Bookstore & Conservatory (shh, no acronyms here)—nestled in the most tranquil setting imaginable. This sanctuary is a space for people to gather, socialise, relax, and engage in the pleasures of reading or furthering their education. It embodies community, knowledge, and serenity, contributing positively to the lives of others. Picture sipping on a delightful coffee, reading a good book, attending a small lecture group or spending quality time with friends in the cosy setting of a conservatory

As luck would have it, we don’t need a physical location for our haven; we can create a “virtual haven”. While virtually serving coffee is a challenge, I’ve included something easily shareable: our family’s recipe library—some our own, some tried and tested from our much loved celebrity chefs, family, friends & other community groups. is not just a virtual space; it’s a culmination of my experiences, my expertise, family, journeys, passions, values, life mission and a dedication to creating a community of like-minded individuals. 

In the coming months, my focus will be on crafting an immersive online environment where the Bakery, Bookstore & Conservatory will thrive in the digital domain.

This journey will unfold with the launch of online courses, digital products, and insightful business and tech tips. I’ll be sharing the books that have inspired and enriched my life, fostering a virtual community where ideas flourish and connections deepen.

With gratitude for the remarkable journey so far, I eagerly step into the future, embarking on a path where becomes more than a website; it becomes a destination—a haven for those seeking knowledge, inspiration, and a touch of serenity.

I invite you to stay tuned for the exciting chapters yet to be written, and I look forward to sharing this evolving narrative with each of you. Together, let’s embrace the possibilities of 2024 and beyond, building a virtual space where community, learning, and joy intersect.

Thank you for being part of this adventure. Here’s to new beginnings and the beautiful stories that await us!

My other life "AKA Caddy Colleen"

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