Daily Habit Tracker Yellow Hibiscus

Daily Habit Tracker Yellow Hibiscus

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OK, so I have a confession!

When I was designing the 2021 Series of Planners, I decided to put the Daily Habit Tracker in a little box on each day of the Planner.  Well, that was a mistake.

I test all my products before I launch & during the testing phase, this appeared to be adequate however, 2 days into 2021 & I am not liking at design at all so I have created the first product of a new range coming in Mid January & releasing it right now so that you can use it immediately to track your daily habits.

I have kick-started the habit library by adding a few of the favourite things I like to keep tabs on but you are free to customise the items as you are with everything I release.

To get started, just download the document & install to GoodNotes 5 as usual.  You can use it as an individual document or, import the Tracker Page into your Yearly Planner Document.

Personally, I like to see mine every day so I import it to my Yearly Planner Document & move it to the next day once I have completed any tracking for that day.

Also, don’t forget to “mark it as a favourite” so that you can find it anytime.