my Productivity Planner White – 2022

my Productivity Planner White - 2022


Packed full of features, my Productivity Planner – 2022 has been created with the busy, decision-making executive or team leader in mind.

Based on my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles my Unique Handcrafted Digital Productivity Planner is designed to keep you totally on track &, used accordingly, is a powerful productivity tool.  Check out my introduction video here!

Work each day with:

  • Purpose & clarity;
  • Planning & direction;
  • An uncluttered working environment for serenity;
  • Prioritising your tasks for focus; and
  • Measurement & accountability.

Productivity is all about measurements.

Month View : your monthly view highlights my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles whilst providing space to outline your monthly plan & commitments.

Week View : move through to the weekly view where you can:

  • Set your goals for the week;
  • Document your Health & Wellness Priorities;
  • Keep your Productivity Tip for the week top of mind; and
  • View the week at a glance.

Day View: this is where all the action takes place.  Each day contains:

  • Your focus for that day;
  • Share some gratitude with the Universe by writing it down;
  • Add a little dash of wisdom with your favourite quote for the day;
  • Keep on time with your Daily Schedule;
  • Measure your time with the Daily Schedule & the time blocking method;  
  • Store & action that on-going To-Do List with the Additional Tasks section; and 
  • Utilise plenty of free form space where you can journal, add images or memories, or maybe you just need an extra To-Do list space for a special project.  

Index View:  one of my favourite sections is the Index Page for all things special:

  • Chart your Projects;
  • Create a movie or reading list; and
  • Check out my video linked here to see how it all works.

Apart from the productivity benefits of my Productivity Planner, there are so many benefits to Digital Planning:

  • Easily rearrange pages;
  • Carryover tasks not completed;
  • Go crazy with different pen colours & strokes;
  • Reusable templates (within the document);
  • If you don’t like something you’ve written, just erase it at the touch of a button;
  • Copy & paste images, ideas, notes, quotes etc…;
  • Unlimited use of planner stickers; 
  • One time purchase of the App;
  • Instant access to your Planner so you can start mapping out 2022 right from the get-go;
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to physical Planners & Diaries;
  • It’s eco-friendly, no wasting paper & materials used to produce a physical Planner;
  • Totally customisable;
  • Never run out of notepaper again;
  • Creativity just got easier; and
  • Oh, & the big finale…… your Planner will be with you wherever you go, without the hassle of carting around a Diary, a NoteBook, a Journal, or more.