Dip your toes in the Digital sea

With Your Free
Digital Journal

While you wait for us to finish the build of our Nourish & Know-How Home Page, why not take a little tour around a free digital journal.

I love to write so Journaling is easy for me but if you are new to Journaling & even newer to Digital Journaling, here is a special gift for you to download & play with.  

There are many benefits of Journaling & now you can do it on-the-go, from where ever you are & at any time.

Use tabbed sections to categorise your entries into Months, Years or Subject Matter.

Or perhaps you prefer to go freehand & add doodles, images or quotes.  The Doodly Thoughts pages are great for just that.  

Welcome to Digital.

It doesnt matter what planner you have selected, you will find them both packed full of features that will keep you on schedule, help you celebrate those important milestones, keep track of your daily habits, share a little gratitude (or a lot), store & action that on-going To-Do List & take notes to your heart’s content.

Now, if you’re new to the world of Digital Planners, we’re guessing that you may need a little help to get started.

my Planners are more than just a diary or journal, or even a note-taking app, they are our gateway to success. 


If you had trouble downloading your Digital Yearly Planner or other Digital Products, please feel free to contact me & I would be happy to walk you through it.

Now that you’ve downloaded your Digital Yearly Planner, it’s time to get started with how to get the BEST out of your new digital product.  

If you’ve never used a Digital Planner before, you are in for a real treat.  

Check out more Benefits of Using a Digital Planner below. 

What you will need

My recommendations :

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Laptop & / or Desktop Computer
  • GoodNotes 5 App (available from the App Store &, in my eyes, the best note-taking app out there).  You can use any PDF reader so long as you can markup or annotate – there are other note-taking Apps out there also, so feel free to try it with the one you love
  • Apple Pencil or other Stylus (optional)
  • Finger (highly essential – you need to type or scribble)
  • High-speed Internet (it’s a large document so NBN is preferred but not essential)

Sharing your planner with your ios device

If you have downloaded your Planner to your desktop, the best way to share it with your iPad is to use Airdrop.

  • Select the file on your desktop, right click on your mouse, scroll down to Share & select Airdrop.
  • Select the device to share with & your Share will begin.  
  • Once the Share is complete, your device will ask you how you wish to open the document.
  • Select Open With GoodNotes then Open in New Document.

Alternatively, in the GoodNotes 5 App on your iPad, select the big plus icon on the main screen, select Import, find the document from your Google Drive or Cloud location, press Select & the import will commence.

If you have any challenges with your transfer, refer to the support page of GoodNotes 5 in this link.  

Using Goodnotes 5

  1. If you use your desktop computer, open Goodnotes 5 & you can have your Daily Schedule open as well as thumbnails to the left, to navigate your document with ease.  You can use the document just like you would on your device.
iPad / iPhone
  1. Open your GoodNotes 5 App & select your Yearly Planner document by tapping once to open.
  2. You can easily navigate around your document by clicking on the 4 Squares in the top left of the menu bar.  This will give you a selection of Thumbnails, Favourites & Outlines.
  3. Scroll through to find the page you want & tap on it to open or tap select to select a page or pages to Copy, Rotate, Export, Mark as Seen or Delete.  Press Done when you’re done.
  4. Once you have opened a page, you can mark it as a Favourite for future reference by pressing the Flag icon in the top left menu.
  5. Select the 4 Squares again & you will notice that the page has a red flag, press Favourites & the page will appear in the Favourites.
  6. A typical resource of this method is the use of the Notes & To-Do’s List.  
  7. Navigate to the Notes Page through the Notes tab at the top of the document.  Click on the + button box in the top right of the menu bar, select Current Template – this will add the notes page to your document.
  8. Press the Pen icon (top right in the menu bar (it looks like a line within a circle). Click on the Favourites banner to add it to favourites where you can access & copy at any time to add it to any location within the document.  Access it by pressing the 4 squares, top left, them favourites, & you will see it there.
  9. You can copy & paste this page anywhere throughout the document.  Click on 4 squares, select favourites, press select top right banner, click on the page (blue circle will show with a white tick, select copy, go Done, Close back to 4 squares, select Thumbnails, scroll to where you want it located (you may want to have a copy at the beginning of each week or month that you can easily locate) tap on the down arrow of a page, Add page before or after.  Then selection Paste Page.  Your Notes page appears.  

    If you don’t like it where it is or need to move previous notes or To-Dos you have made to another location, you can drag & drop to any location within the document.

    Close that window.

    It’s a good habit to get into, to click on the pen icon only when you want to make amendments or add to your Planner.  If you are looking for something, make sure that this icon is in the circle mode.   The Open mode looks like a dagger.

Navigate freely around your document by tapping on the relevant tab or, back to the Year View by clicking on the link at the bottom right of any Month View page.

The Benefits of Using a Digital Planner

Apart from the obvious benefits of a Digital Planner:

  • No postage
  • No allocating someone on your team to package them up
  • No storage
  • No store buying, sifting through the dozens of diaries or planners discarded by other shoppers.

There’s so much more :

  • Easily rearrange pages
  • Carry over tasks not completed
  • Go crazy with different pen colours & strokes
  • Reusable templates (within the document)
  • If you don’t like something you’ve written, just erase it at the touch of a button
  • Copy & paste images, ideas, notes, quotes etc…
  • Unlimited use of planner stickers
  • One time purchase of the App
  • Instant access to your Planner so you can start mapping out 2021 right from the get-go
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to physical Planners & Diaries
  • It’s eco-friendly, no wasting paper & materials used to produce a physical Planner
  • Totally customisable
  • Never run out of notepaper again
  • Creativity just got easier

Oh, & the big finale…… your Planner will be with you wherever you go without the hassle of carting around a Diary, a NoteBook or a Journal.

No More!

Then there’s this :

Imagine sitting in on our meeting & you pull out your laptop, up comes the screen & you have lost contact with your client, work colleague or potential client.

The ability to take notes in a meeting on your iPad using your stylus or typing is much more engaging.

If you’re anything like me, I have been searching FOREVER for a place to keep my notes & never-ending To-Do Lists and a way to keep it with me so that I can strike while the iron’s hot, so to speak.

Plus, keep me “on topic” & focused on my schedule & critical deadlines.

Well, this planner ticks all those boxes for me & I am sure you will find the same.

Use your planner to highlight, different colours for different things if you work like that or just highlight when it’s done & copy & paste the things that you didn’t get done, to the next day.

I’m loving it & I hope you will too.