Your Roadmap To Buried Treasure


Welcome to another week of my Productivity Tips.

I hope you’ve been enjoying them so far & that you’ve been able to implement some or even all of the tips to help you gain control of your own time & energy, “your buried treasure”.

We’ve been working our way through my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles over the past weeks so a little shout out right now if you haven’t received your FREE copy of my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles eBook yet, head on over to to collect your copy.  

It not only covers the 5 Superpowers that I have been sharing with you over the past weeks, but also contains cheat sheets for you to start implementing your Superpowers and get your life, work, business, basically anything you want, back on track.

Life doesn’t have to be like this!

my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles have been proven over decades.  These are the very same principles I have used when supporting & assisting CEO’s, Resort Managers, Executive Staff & more, eliminate the root causes of poor productivity & performance.  

I have proven time & time again that my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles:

  • Create clarity;
  • Provide direction;
  • Gain composure;
  • Maintain focus; and
  • Yield results

This week we concentrate on the 4th “may the forth be with you” of my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles, Prioritise!

“Ultimately, prioritising means you are giving yourself time & attention to focus on what needs to be done & when.”

~ Colleen e Wall

I like to rely on setting priorities so that I can remain focused on what needs to be done & by when.

Prioritising holds you accountable & allows you to see your road map with clarity.  It builds your map.


Let’s recap on what we’ve covered so far.

#1 Set a Purpose – it’s vital to your success!

Having a Purpose creates Clarity.

#2 Have a Plan – this will give you the roadmap to your Purpose!

Having a Plan provides direction!

Do you remember in last week’s tip I shared my #1 Principle “Set a Purpose – it’s vital to your success”!  If you don’t have a purpose you won’t know where you are going.

Well, once you know where you are going, you will want to know how to get there. 

Having a Plan makes the decision making process easier & allows you to set some time frames to achieve whatever it is that is your Purpose.

#3 Declutter – decluttering will allow you to gain composure when all around you seems in chaos.  Composure will allow the flow to reach you!

Remove the stress & anxiety from your life to allow composure to flow easily to you!

Sequentially & equally important to knowing where you are going & how to get there is having a clear path to travel.  By decluttering either your workspace, your linen cupboard or your mind, whatever it is that you are working on, it will allow you to gain control of your own time & energy.

So when we add part 4 of my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles to this puzzle, our roadmap is coming together.  Indiana Jones would be proud of us.

There is no buried treasure at the end of this road map, but let me encourage you to tune in next week when I will reveal the real gem of my “5 Superpowers of Productivity” Principles.  

PS:  Just a reminder, there is no cost to join mySuperpowers” community. It’s free and will always be free so come on in and open the doors to clarity, direction, composure & focus.

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